Multiple “Adobe Package” runs and Big Sur

Update: Check the bonus tip further down this article!

Do you package every Adobe app separately so you can offer your users a unified (own branded company/school) app-store with Munki or Jamf School experience?

I do and I know what a tedious job this is. I even heard some IT colleagues think it’s way too much work for them to create those 19 different Adobe packages. For us (art education) Adobe is the most important software most students and employees work with.

I’m also convinced more software developers (Autodesk?) will come with something similar Adobe offers with their Creative Cloud Desktop application. 

I create those 19 Adobe separate Adobe package downloaders (19 times running thru the same menus in the Adobe console) and run them all at the same time on my laptop:

In Big Sur this isn’t possible anymore. You can’t run multiple Adobe Downloaders at the same time anymore. As a quick test I duplicated and One has hardening enabled and the other one doesn’t. And I can run run them all at the same time on Big Sur.

I filed an issue (case id: E-000313621) with Adobe enterprise and received a really quick reply: You should NEVER runall the Adobe  Package’s at the same time on any kind of macOS. It’s not supported and never will.

This (again) drastically influences my precious time to successfully deploy Adobe in our organisation and I will still run all those Adobe Download apps on a Catalina Mac. I’ve filed a feature request (E-000314316) and if you have the same workflow as me please file one too and reference this case-id. 

Thank you “Dom Adobe” in the #adobe channel on macadmins Slack channel for the extra effort you put in to make things easier for Macadmins to deploy Adobe products.

Another Adobe tip from Patrick Fergus (foigus) to create new “updated” packages for the current version of an Adobe product to speed up your update deployoment

Click on an expired title, this will popup a banner in the right side to create an update package with the same items you’ve chosen before:

Bonus tip:

Thanks to Carl Ashley, Patrick Fergus and especially @dokihara and Michael Harnest found in the #adobe channel of the macadmins Slack!

It is possible to download Apple .pkg’s from the Adobe console directly instead of the “Adobe package in a .dmg!

Set the user agent of your browser to: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) AppleWebKit/601.7.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.1.1 Safari/603.2.5

Now download a build package from the console. Notice the slow download? It’s actually downloading the full pkg installer!

The only thing you need to do is to remove the quarantine bit, for example like this for the Photoshop installer and uninstaller before you import it to your munki repo for example:

xattr -dr ~/AdobePhotoshop2021NUL/Build/AdobePhotoshop2021NUL_Install.pkg

xattr -dr ~/AdobePhotoshop2021NUL/Build/AdobePhotoshop2021NUL_Uninstall.pkg

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